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With the right tools and people, podcasting may be even easier than you think! When you come into Garden Groove, the set is ready to go for you. While recording, we are able to change between our three 4k camera angles on the spot while capturing top notch audio. After recording, you leave with an SD card with what could be your final product right then and there!

Of course, every podcast is different, so get in touch and lets find the set up that is best for you!

Ready to Go

JSG Photography.jpg

All you have to do is show up and everything is set up for you! 

Top Quality Gear


Garden Groove is set with some of the finest gear that you could even find it some of the best recording studios in the world.

Local Tea and Coffee

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Garden Groove is proud to partner with Elle and Joe Tea Company and Roasted by Jake Coffee. Nothing like a good warm drink for your guest feel comfortable right at home. 

Multicam Edit When You're Done


While you are recording your podcast, we are making a multi-cam edit and audio adjustments on the spot, so when you leave, you could have your podcast ready for upload. 

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Episode 9 | Brad Tuller - Mastering for Nashville Artists and Listening Examples

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Located In East Nashville

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